Femicide Vol. XIII: Collecting Data on Femicide

Executive Summary

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls UNSA Vienna published FEMICIDE Volume XII on "Collecting Data on Femicide".


Even in times of huge uncertainty, the FEMICIDE team seems to be more dynamic and committed than ever. No one remained unaffected by the consequences of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. For each and every one of our FEMCIDE members, COVID-19 brought various and often severe personal challenges. We all had to adopt to new conditions without warning. And still, we were able to achieve meaningful things - our commitment is unstoppable. Some of these include: a COVID-19 reading list on violence against women in times of the current pandemic on our Global Femicide Watch Platform; a video series, with statements on the definition of femicide and the importance of collecting data on femicide from all around the world, on our UNSA Vienna social media channels and, last but not least, the publication at hand, the thirteenth volume of our FEMICIDE publication series.

FEMICIDE XIII provides a collection of relevant articles on the importance of data collection on femicide. A topic that, regrettably, seems to be more crucial than ever, as the rising numbers of cases of violence against women and femicide during the COVID-19 pandemic have shown.

And we can assure you, in the name of the FEMICIDE movement, we will not stop speaking up, joining forces and providing solutions until we see change! A huge thank you to everyone who continues to contribute and support our publication. If you would like to engage and get active yourself – be it as author, peer reviewer, proof reader, activist artist or part of our editorial team – we are happy to hear from you under femicide@unsavienna.org.

We wish you an eye opening and inspiring read!

Helen Hemblade and Helena Gabriel, Editors of FEMICIDE Volume XIII 

UNSA Vienna and the SDGs


Helen Hemblade

FEMICIDE Team Leader and Co-Editor

Helena Gabriel-Oiwoh

Co-Founder and Vice-President