Mona Zaher

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Short Vitae

Mona is an Austrian jurist/lawyer and criminal scientist and works for the public service in Vienna. She is a trained Mediator and is pursuing her third degree in Psychotherapy. Besides her interest in national and criminal law she also focuses on international law, human rights, juvenile justice and de-radicalization.


Mona is Co-Founder and President of UNSA Vienna.

Statement of engagement

UNSA Vienna is a new, young and dynamic movement that aims to raise awareness for the international and national UN related work especially the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. We want to promote the next UN generation, connect people from all around the world to work together, to exchange and to establish new and innovative approaches. It’s great to be part of something that grows bigger and bigger and doesn’t shrink back from difficulties but always finds solutions to make it work and achieve success.