UNSA Global Network


Back in 2007 in New York City, the UNSA started off as a global network of UN academics and practitioners dedicated to create and promote interdisciplinary, practice-oriented studies with a clear focus on the UN system. Ever since, our work has aimed at the interconnected triad of UN research, teaching and (political-/diplomatic) practice. With the help of events, webinars, publications and digital platforms, we continue to build bridges between these different UN worlds while bringing the next UN generation’s views and ideas to the forefront.

With the enormous know-how, insights and creative power such a diverse global expert community offers, UNSA is able to deliver normative and practice-oriented impulses relating to the work of the United Nations system in all its facets, with a special (but not the sole) focus on the SDGs and their implementation.



Hannoversche Str. 2
c/o Coconets
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